Before Surgery

For People With an Ostomy

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Surgery Information

How is a Stoma 
Surgically Created?
A stoma provides an alternative path for urine or
fecal waste to leave your body.
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Preparing for Ostomy Surgery

Ostomy surgery may seem overwhelming and a bit scary, but you're in good company. We can help you get ready–physically and mentally.

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The Basics

Need to know more about your ostomy type? What's a stoma? Not sure why a healthy stoma is critical in your new life? The facts you need are here.

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What to Expect

At Your Pre-Surgery Visit

It's normal to wonder how ostomy surgery will change your life.
We'll help you prepare with good questions to ask your healthcare team.

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In the Hospital

Your new life begins now. Learn how to maximize your time in the hospital so you can confidently transition to self-care at home.

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Immediate Weeks
Following Surgery
When you are in the hospital, you will be taught
how to care for your stoma.
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Some ostomy products by Rx only

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